Friday, 6 March 2009

Shaving with Occam's razor

She realises things are getting too much.
And everyone is loud.

She decides to shave it off. All off.
She grabs the razor, and glides it over the layers of excuses and questions and thoughts that clog up her lungs, and blur her vision.

Things don't have to be so complicated, she thinks to herself.
The simpler the better.
Don't overthink, don't make excuses, don't wrap yourself around yourself, looking for yourself, she tells herself...

She grabs the razor and shaves. It all falls to the floor and spills through the gaps under the doors, and out the windows and into the drains.

Thank you Occam she whispers. Thank you for trying.


Tilou Pouline said...


Karma Parma...I know this post has everything to do with you but thank you!

Mazen said...

To tell the truth, read many of your posts, so lovely to say & had this should become a novelist one day or may u r but if not, u should definitley try starting one, even if u feel ur not good at start-ups or excell in those but fall bad at finishing things or maybe u don't even care... in that case don't...just focus a bit on urself, the lovely bits thrown in posts, bits of u, they deserve it if not u start there, a novel will follow!
a failure like u :-)