Sunday, 22 February 2009

3 a.m. minuet

"You know what your problem is?"
"Which one?"
"Hah. funny. *raises glass*"
"Ok... what.."
"You're a very good person...."
"That's my problem??"
"Ok. No. Wait, let me finish. You're a very good person, and I'm being honest here because I'm sorta tipsy, ok? You always put your self in these existential inner turmoil situations."
"You're a very good person... and I think that you want to be happy. You'd like to be happy."
"But I think that somewhere in that head of yours, you don't think you deserve to be."
"...*short pause*... drink your goddamn wine."


Rybb said...


Rybb said...

nice mood

Mohammad said...

I can totally relate to that.. again!