Thursday, 1 April 2010

Bats and Blogs

Dear Blog,

I think you're sick of my excuses when it comes to why I've broken my own promise to myself to post at least one thing a week.

You're right to be.
I'm ashamed.
I really am.

Nothing can really take back the pain and anguish I've caused (myself) at the breaking of this promise.

So I won't say anything, or write anything. I'll show you why I have not been posting as often as I promised. Ironically,
what I'm about to show you, in itself, is another reason.. But only a fleeting one. It is the result of a 5 day workshop I participated in that took up most of my day.

So, without further delay, I present a bat in the city:


cardejah said...

since the art is good stuff, i'll close one eye on the lack of awesome literature.

K* said...


what would I do without your kind nature?

K* said...
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Mohammad said...

just beautiful..
i want to embrace her every time of day.

titusillu said...

Hey Karma, now you uploaded 8 pics ... that should be enough for 2 months ;-) just joking. I like the page, its very nice stuff. Btw as I mentioned in the workshop, check out this amazing artists:
Thomas Ott and a girl that just did her first book with scratchboard: Line Hoven. Lots of love from Berlin: TITUS

Unknown said...

This is really pretty! :)
<3 Have a great day