Monday, 10 August 2009

I once heard... About the tower of drawers and it's girl

Under the three moons she slept, on top of a tower of drawers. A year at a time.
And at the end of every year, she would wake up, groggy, rubbing the sandman dust out of her eyes before stepping off and falling great heights into the cool water below. It would wake her but before she could swim to the surface, its depths would claim her.
And in the drawer she went.
Year after year she'd live a life, and shed a body, drowning to connect the two dots.

They say it was so since the day she was born, that if you were to open the first drawer way down at the bottom, you'd see a baby's frail frame. If you were to open the second one, a slightly bigger skeleton lay, and so on and so forth. Sometimes there were other things in there, like a fish skeleton grasped in the hand of the 16th drawer's occupant, or a clear glass pebble in that of the 19th.

Some could say it was a curse, as well as a reality that she was never awake enough to know of. The older she got, the longer her fall to the pond below, the more she could grasp and see of the land she was on, that lonely 3 mooned planet with nothing and no one on it but a bottomless pond, a tower of drawers and her. The longer the fall, the more of her dreams she was able to remember. The longer the fall, the more the endless night's breeze caressed her skin. The longer the fall, the more the light of the 3 moons (that never were in the same phase mind you) fell on her silhouette.
But it would always end with a splash.

And just as before, she'd end up a year older, asleep atop a new drawer, that held a fresh body.

Over and over and over...

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cardejah said...

Seems rather prophetic.
I wish I could easily shed myself like her.