Friday, 24 July 2009

I can hear you, you know

I've decided to document things I overhear in different places, some are quite funny, others quite sad, and some just horribly out of context, although I try hard to keep them intact.

Some things are just made to be overhead.


cardejah said...

This is genius!
Pointless, "harmless" gossip, eh?
Been thinking bout you lots, Karma.
I don't know why.
Nick's asked me to go to Beirut for Christmas, and I think I just might!
I'd love to meet you.


Timo said...

I used to hear the funniest things from pedestrians in Boston as my dorm room was on the bottom floor.

Girls talking about their boyfriends was by far the funniest. Size DOES matter apparently, haha.

ekta khetan said...


Anonymous said...

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